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We are a creative studio specialized in the design and development of exclusive business gifts for the evolution of our costumers’s brands.
We use the latest technologies for innovation, creativity and personality of the products and services that we provide. In Promosistem we want to offer you the best selection of promotional products and corporate gifts.


4 business lines related to corporate gifts that respond to different needs.


Which business gift is the most appropriate for achieve my marketing goals?


How can I centralize the purchase of personalized corporate gifts with my logo?


What branded products can I give away to differentiate myself from my competitors?


How can I build customer loyalty with a rewards milles program?


international trade

Unique partner in Spain

With presence in 31 countries, IPPAG's mission is to facilitate its Partners' common desire to share and grow together within the promotional items marketplace, improving skills, excellence and efficiency through sharing the projects, resources and initiatives of all Partners.

This allows us to be much more competitive in prices, due to the emerging economy of scale and have many more options and product novelties, having a very large and dynamic organization.

Licensee in Spain

Prominate is a global joint venture with a worldwide network of over 1,700 promotional materials industry experts. We have a successful track record of delivering promotional material solutions to complex multinational organisations.

Organisations experience a higher return on investment on their promotional materials if the solution is coordinated globally but operated locally. That is why our commitment to costumers is a global approach with a seamless local service. And we do it under one global contract.


More than 10 years in the promotional gift sector and hard work has allowed us to gain the trust of costumers such as the following. What are you waiting for?

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As a company we seek to operate in a socially responsible manner, a fact that we consider essential in all organizations. That is why we are looking for commitments in different areas:

Our Employees

Because we are a family. Respecting human and labor rights, and of course, always looking to improve their welfare. We also demand to our factories and suppliers to act in the same way.

Our Society

We collaborate with several entities that seek integration and support the families of intelectual disabled people. Empowering them to enter the world of work.

Our Environment

We seek maximum respect for the environment. In the day-to-day running of our Company, in the supply chain and also, in distribution channels. We adapt the 3Rs philosophy: recycle, reuse and reduce.

Factories & Suppliers

We inspect products for compliance with legal regulations, implement the SA8000 Corporate Social Responsibility Manual and Code of Conduct and we are members of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.


Our commitment: to take care of our client's brand in their promotional and advertising articles. Our main task: the quality of the articles where we put our client's logo is fundamental to take care of its image. This is our main added value for our client.

Pl. Francesc Macià 8,
4º 1ª
08029 Barcelona

+34 93 444 76 54